Christmas Concert


This year's Christmas Concert was held at Siddal Ex-Servicemen's Club, and our sincere thanks go to the committee and staff for the way they made us feel welcome both at the show and throughout the rehearsals. Special thanks are reserved for Derrick Jackson for his time, patience and music. Derrick is the Halifax Rock 'n' Roll Club's DJ and also the father of our staff member Paul.

The concert hall was packed and we were lucky to have the Deputy Mayor of Calderdale, David O'Neill and his wife Sue there, thank you to both for your kind words and encouragement. Also in attendance was last year's Mayor, Martin Peel, and his lovely wife Janette. Martin wore a pink jacket and a big smile. We were treated to a few of his jokes and generous words. Thank you both.

The clients and staff had worked tirelessly and provided a high quality show of music and mirth. Songs included Rockin' Robin, Indian Reservation, Wild Thing, Drink up thy Cider and many more. Some of the older attendees paid tribute to days gone by with the Ovaltiney's song.


Rhianna Jackson (in her own words).

I was realy worid about the christmas concert but I dont no why, I realy injoyd it and it was realy good fun. tiaring thogh I was shatterd by the time we finist but a nice thing to get shaterd about and I carnt remember having so mutch fun. thankyou skill shop

The Christmas Concert - by David Windross

The Christmas concert happened on December 13th at the Siddal Club.

We practised for weeks and weeks before it.

On the night I enjoyed the concert, it was fun. I enjoyed dancing with Lisa, Tracey and Jackie. The audience was good and enjoyed our show .They clapped a lot.

I had cheese and onion pie with mushy peas for supper, it was delicious. After supper we then continued entertaining the happy audience, I liked singing and I was glad that I was chosen to be a part of the show.

My favourite part of the show was the end because we all sang along to a song called Simply the Best.We then sang our own version called Skillshop's the Best. We asked Pat and Kath to sit on the stage while everybody at Skillshop sang to them and thanked them both for all their hard work and support.

I am very excited about next years Christmas concert. It will be lots of fun.
The End.

The Christmas Concert - by Stephen Bland

On the 13th of December our group had the now annual concert at the Siddal ex service men's club and it was a Hugh success

It was fun to do in front of our friends and families. The group tunes were easy. In the first item we did I played a saxophone with my good friend Mr. Paul Sheldrake.while the others came on and danced it was fun.

These boots are made for walking. Was one of the easiest to do due to there only being 6 of us in this item so we had the whole stage to ourselves. This next item is a tail (get it) of love between monsters, one male and four female's. The male monster was a bit of a Romeo being worshipped by these lonely ladies he didn't stand a chance!

You've heard of Batman and Robin. Well this was our version of the story only this time Batman has two Robins for the price of one.

The music man was another that we had great fun performing. The origins of the song are about a con man trying to pull a fast one on the town he's visiting by claiming to be a clever man.

The day we went to Bangor was our look at life between the two wars of the twentieth century it was fun though I played the coach driver

Now we come to the item that was the most interesting to perform I'm referring to the 7 little girls sitting in the back seat we also had a friendly monkey in the car with us I don't know how he got into the car.

This was a medley of tunes put together by Mr. B Pearce our show compare. We did the following-She'll be coming round the mountain, It's a long way to Tipperary, John Brown's body, , I love to go a wandering Viva Espana and Knees up mother Brown.

Next came Cherokee nation, this was our tribute to the Indian way of life that was wrecked by the white man in the 1800's.

The next item was this one about a rainy night dancing the four people who took part were Me Kate Jacqui and Angela with Andrew on guitar and Craig David Paul Sheldrake and Philippa on the sticks

Now for the most energetic song of the evening, I'm referring to drink up thy cider the entire cast were on stage for this one and at the end we fell down drunk.

Here's our version of the right said Fred classic I'm too sexy but with our own little sex god Mr.Christopher Parry who caused a few people to faint with excitement.

Now this is our version of the proclaimers hit (and they should have been)song, 500 miles as performed by the whole group with Bill and Paul Jackson as the main stars.

The older members of the group did this old time song from the war years,it could only be the Ovaltinies.

The penultimate item was I wish it could be Christmas everyday with Mr. Paul Jackson as Santaclause Angela as Mrs.Clause and Paul Sheldrake as the snowman then at the end they brought Pat and Kathy up onto the stage for the finale and to let us say thank you to them by sing this song.


On the 13th December 2008, we did a Christmas Show. We called our show the Skillshop Christmas Concert. We did the show at Siddal.

It started at 7.00pm when we got everything ready for the show. When the show started, we all started to dance to Are you ready to rock?

We pretended to be sitting in a bus for The day we went to Bangor. We were going on holiday with our buckets and spades and eating fish and chips and drinking cider.

When we sang 'Drink up thee cider', everybody got drunk and fell to the floor.

At the end, we all got together and swayed from side to side. Paul was dressed as Santa, Paul Sheldrake was dressed as the snowman, Jacqui was dressed up as an Elf and Angela was dressed as Mother Christmas. We sang 'Seven little girls sitting in the back seat kissing and a hugging with Fred'. Stephen was the driver and Andrew was Fred.


I took part in the concert as Batman. I also was a dancer in are you ready to rock I also took part in Indian Reservation. I was in drink up thy cider as a dancer. I was also in the day we went to banger as a passenger. I was also in 500miles as a marcher. I was also in I wish it could be Christmas as a singer. I was also in These Boots are made for walking as a walker. I was also in the finale in Skillshop's the best.

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