Life at Treveleyn

Skillshop has now made the move to Treveleyn and our clients want to tell you about it.

The new Skillshop by David Windross

I like the new Skillshop because I really enjoy helping Paul Jackson in the kitchen. I like to do some gardening with David Thacker. I love being able to go outside, our garden is beautiful.

On a Thursday we do gentle exercise with Kate. This is my favourite time of the week.

Our new Skillshop is much better. We have a lot more things to do.

I really like coming to the new Skillshop

This is the newly built reception area and kitchen at Skillshop.

The clients love it and we are all really proud of what we are achieving at Treveleyn.

Angela Greenwood's thoughts

It is a lot better place at Treveleyn and the extension is excellent. Nice big grounds and nice big shed. Nice walk path and nice big bungalow and a nice swimming pool and nice big huts.

The extensive grounds at Treveleyn provide a chance of horticultural training for our clients and a taste of nature denied to many in normal urban settings

My thoughts on what I think is great about the new Skillshop by Stephen Bland

I think the new Skillshop is a quieter place. We have more space to work in ane we're not overlapping each other's area.

I look forward to Skillshop with pride. I'm proud of the new Skillshop and what it means to me and the others who come to Skillshop.

Bill, Kate, Paul, Marie, Tracey and Lisa make our days enjoyable, and they're fun to be with day in and day out. David Thacker is an extra pair of hands easing Bill's workload. We feel more relaxed here at Treveleyn.

One of the two chalets that are being erected in the grounds of Treveyn to create more space for activities

I like the new Skillshop by Andrew Crane

I like the new Skillshop because the art room and the woodwork are in seperate buildings.

The new Skillshop has a garden and the old one did not have a garden. I like doing art, woodwork and kitchen. I do colouring and painting in the art room.

I love the new Skillshop. I like helping Paul in the kitchen doing the drinks and helping doing the dinner.

Hodgeson's Choice by Joe Hodgeson.

I like coming to the Skillshop on Fridays because I like doing art, I like colouring and drawing. I like meeting new people. I like Bill because he is mad.

The New Skillshop by Kathleen Murphy

I think it's alright. I like colouring. I liked going to Abba show. I like coming to see that Bill the pain. I like toast and tea.I like looking round the garden.

I Like The New Skillsho by Kayleigh Friend.

I like to go to Skillshop because I love to read and draw and colour in the art room. I like to do exercises, it makes me relax.

I like the food here because it is better than my mums. I like to come to Skillshop, we sometimes play bingo.

I like coming to Skillshop by Aden Young

I like to come to the Skillshop because I like to do art and hanging out with my friends because I like to have fun, chilling out and doing lots of fun stuff. Skillshop is the best place in the world to come. I come on Mondays and Fridays.

Why I like the new Skillshop by Craig Blackler

I like the new Skillshop because there is more space. Because there is more to do and we have a garden. Because there is more freedom and we can do more and we can go out more and it is more cleaner and tidy.

I like working in the kitchen and working in the art room. I have been painting, drawing, colouring and working on the gala. I like working in the kitchen with Paul because he is a good cook. I like working in the art room because I like painting and drawing.

Why I like coming here by Anita Rutter

I like coming here because I can do art, the kitchen, computers and recipes and we also do quizzes on a Wednesday afternoon.

I was asked what else I would like to do as well last Friday by Kate and I said I would like to do needlework so that we could make our own costumes for the gala float and the Christmas show. I think this is a very good idea and which I think would be good working skills as well. Both could learn to do thid, both men and women.

Me and the new Skillshop by Paul Sheldrake

I like coming to the new Skillshop on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday because it's fun and gives me something to do. I like doing woodwork and doing outdoor activities and ai like to meet new people and do art as well. The Skillshop goes bowling once every month and sometimes they even go on daytrips like Blackpool, Skipton and we even went to the Yorkshire Mining Museum.

I also like coming to Skillshop because I like going on the internet and going on You Tube. I also like talking to the staff and my friends about things such as football.

The new Skillshop is also in a betterplace than the old Skillshop because you can do a lot more things.

I like the new Skillshop by Philippa Elmy

I like the new Skillshop becausr I like the art rooms the best. I like to do lots of colouring and painting. I really love the music group and I love to dance to the music. I like walking around the garden and looking at the flowers. I like playing games with my friends here.

Supping tea at Skillshop by Ian (The Ferret) Goodall

I like coming to Skillsshop because I enjoy things to do like gardening, woodwork, painting, supping tea and eating plenty of healthy food.

I enjoy making bird huts, wishing wells and planters with Brett. I like outdoor jobs beause they keep me active.


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