Lightwater Valley Visit

On Friday 23rd August Skillshoppers hit the road at 9.30am to have a rollercoaster of a time at Lightwater Valley.

The day trip was fully funded through the money raised from our Lottery Club!

We all had a map to read on the coach and began choosing what rides we wanted to go on. Excitement took over and we could not wait to get there! We had a quiz on the coach and before you knew it we had arrived! It looked very busy but that did not stop us from clapping and cheering.

The choice of rides was brilliant.... definitely a ride for everybody. We went on the big wheel pictured above and this enabled us to see the whole view of the park. Another way we got to see where everything was, was by jumping on the train that ran throughout the park, you could stop at various stations and easily find your way around. Many Skillshoppers became very brave and dared the BIG rollercoasters... we could hear lots of screams haha!!

Before we knew it we was all peckish and found a lovely area to sit for our picnic.

After lunch we had a walk around to let our stomachs settle before hitting the rides and thanks to our queue jump wrist bands we did not have to wait long to get on the rides.

We had a couple more hours on the rides before all meeting up for some tea and a look around the gift shops.

We had so much fun and climbed back on the coach and arrived back at Skillshop for 6:30pm.

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